Tuesday, August 30, 2005
In hindsight, wearing a flared skirt on a windy day in the middle of the city may have been a bad move
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Ok, it's all love
Apparently it was all a misunderstanding so it's ALL GOOD!
And I am ALL EXCITED! Because it's NEARLY Spring which means it's SO TOTALLY CLOSE to SUMMER!!!!!
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Sunday, August 28, 2005
Both TERRIBLY boring and INCOMPREHENSIBLY insulting
You all know the story of Boo's paranoia, right? Well, it manifested itself tonight

We were out with our friend Paris (she lives on the WHOLE other side of the country so we were kind of ripping it up) and having a pretty good time when Boo decides she'd meet Bumpkin after work and bring him up to Surreal, where we were

All good. She and Bumpkin FINALLY meet up with Paris and I, and he and I decide to get a drink while Paris and Boo go upstairs and find us a couch (or whatever). He and I stay downstairs for a bit while I straighten him out about what exactly is the right thing to do about Boo (in terms of him only snogging her when he/she is drunk and never sober) - basically I told him that a) he needs to either get with her properly or STOP snogging her when he's drunk and b) if he hurts my Boo I'll rip his testicles off

He then told me that I'm too bossy towards her. Lovely

Boo and Paris tell me they're on the (downstairs) dance floor. Bumpkin and I go to find them but they're not there. We go back towards the downstairs bar and there's Boo (Paris has inexplicably disappeared), who will NOT look at me OR speak to me. I try to talk to her but she does the whole "I'll reply to what you say but while doing so will look at the wall 10 metres to your left" thing

An old friend comes over and starts chatting to me. Boo, Paris and Bumpkin go SOMEwhere. The old friend and I chat for about 10 minutes then I message Boo who tells me that she's upstairs. I go upstairs. She's not there. I find another friend, who says she's downstairs dancing. I go downstairs and get waylaid by a SCARY guy. She's not downstairs

After about 30 minutes of searching, I stumble across Boo and Bumpkin. Bumpkin comes and puts his arm around my shoulder, all "where WERE you??" etc. Boo looks supercilious

I can't take the unfounded suspicion anymore and taxi home

For a start, I wasn't DOING anything with Bumpkin and WOULDN'T because a) ew and b) Boo's bitch. Secondly, WHY the FUCK does she not TRUST me?

Also, why does the evil Cliff telling me that he NEVER wanted to sleep with me piss me off so much? Is it because he told his friends he HAD?
I'm going to bed. It's been a vaguely horrid night
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Bonne nuit, mes amis
After much procrastination (well, 5 minutes worth, maybe), I have decided to cease with my poor neglected little blog. At least for now, anyway
Basically, I'm too lazy and too boring to think of anything particularly scintillating and re-hashing my same old neuroses and drunken nights out seems a bit redundant all of a sudden
I'll still float around and read everyone else's blogs (you all have MUCH more interesting lives than I do anyway!) but that'll be it
Unless, of course, I get inspired and post again in a week. Stranger things have happened!
Bec xo
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Friday, August 19, 2005
It's possible that I'm in love with my dentist
Good-looking? Well, he's about 60, bald and paunchy, so not really my type
Charming? He hasn't offered to buy me a drink or held a door open for me, no

Witty? He's possibly the most unfunny person I've ever met
But did he give me MONSTROUS amounts of anaesthetic today because I asked him to? YES! Did my nasty, horrible, bastard of a filling hurt? NO! Does my face now look and feel normal (aside from a vaguely tingling lip, since the massive dose of marcaine's only just wearing off)? YES!
And for that reason I think I may have to be in love with him. It only seems fair!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Salaams and free cocktails for life
A totally overboard shout-out to Miss Zoot for being UTTERLY fabulous and redoing my blog with a design that's much more me (since, you know, I'm a quasi-alcoholic!)

If I had HALF her talent, I'd be very, very happy

Zoot, you are a gorgeous, talented goddess, and I'm TRYING to think up a proper thank you, but for now? You ROCK

å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å å

So I've been sick as a dog (are dogs always sick? I've never understood that phrase) for the last couple of days and have been so giddy and queasy that I haven't been able to shower. That makes *counting* 55 HOURS since I've had a shower. BLECCH! You could fry CHIPS on my head!

But on the upside, I can't eat (besides ice cream; I can ALWAYS eat ice cream) so I'm sure to have lost some weight

Work's going to be pretty shat off with me though, I think :( At least I look like shit so they'll know I wasn't faking!

You know, there's nothing much to talk about when you're doing NOTHING AT ALL, is there? So boring
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Questions from the Monkey
1.What are your most and least favourite alcoholic drinks?
Favourite? Well, it depends on the occasion. If I'm just pissing it up in a pub with my friends, then either scotch and dry or Bacardi and Coke. If I want to get a bit of Dutch courage to dance, then a shot of Drambuie, no ice, set on fire then smothered out. If I'm feeling girly, then I get my bartender friend, who's a whiz with inventing cocktails on the spot, to make me something lurid. Least favourite? Oh easy, Malibu. In fact, anything coconut flavoured. I loathe and abhor coconut with a passion
2.Does anyone you know in person, know about your blog?
Most of them, I think, although not everyone reads it (that I know of). My brother and my Mum both read it, Boo does, Cecilia does, Delroy has a couple of times, apparently the SOE does every now and then (which was news to me!). There are other people I know who KNOW about it but don't read it
3.Did you ever have an invisible friend?
Not as such. I've always been happy to have alone time, so I never felt the need to invent someone to play with. In fact, I cherish my alone time, so I'd probably end up getting stroppy with an invisible friend for interrupting me :)
Thank you, Monkey! It's always fun to talk about myself! I'm not sure I'll be inviting people to have me ask them questions though, since I'm without a brain just now
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Monday, August 15, 2005
Well. I'm not sure I've been that mature since about Grade 9! Although the SOE wasn't being totally dignified either, I think, although I was probably worse. He WAS mean though. But whatever. We definitely bring out the worst in each other!
I'm calling a truce though, I can't be bothered anymore. I never stay angry at anyone for more than about a day (for most things) so fighting is pointless
Along with the rest of my personality revampage (hey, I'm losing weight, I may as well lose some emotional baggage as well!), including giving up flirting (I've been SO good you would NOT believe) and bitching, I'm going to try to give up dwelling on things past. I think that's healthy!
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Sunday, August 14, 2005
I kind of wish I was a lesbian
Not because I'm into girls but because MEN piss me OFF! To be specific, the SOE really, REALLY pisses me off
In fact I hope he dies. No truly, I do
I messaged him last night, saying hello, asking what he was up to (with no other motive than saying hello and being a little bored and wanting someone to message)
His reply? "Most likely nothing that involves you"
I LOATHE and DESPISE and ABHOR and REVILE and DETEST him. And Boo's take on it, that he's friendly with my oh-so-lovely sister and not me because She is "the lesser of two evils"? Well that pisses me off as well
The Princess is as evil as he is!
Grr. I've been in such a bad mood lately. And his reply is replaying over and over in my head and I can't seem to delete it off my phone OR stop looking at it. WHY? I don't even LIKE him, so why am I STILL, after four years of his bullshit, trying to keep some sort of friendship going?? HE'S EVIL!!!!!
And on that note, here is the SOE's terribly heterosexual new hairdo. Would YOU shave a grid into your hair?? (and please, even if you would, tell me you hate it anyway)
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And now for something completely frivolous...
1) it's 12.28am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning?) and I'm at home in my jammies, drinking Cowboy and playing on eBay. I am SAD
2) my hair is curly today. Much coolness!
3) you know the crush I have? Mmm, possibly have another one. Since I am a tart. This one is DEFINITELY evil though. But diaBOLically cute as well
4) (this is a weird question, and kind of gross, so skip this if you have some delusion about me being normal and/or cultured. Which of COURSE you don't, cos HELLO!) You know the stuff you get on your tongue? The coating or whatever it is? (ew ew ew) WHY is there a part of my tongue that doesn't get ANY? It's about the size of an M&M (yum) and it's perfect and pink, virgin tongue (he he). And no, I'm not going to tell you why I was looking at my tongue
5) Benji Madden from Good Charlotte has a girlfriend. I may cry. And yes, I am a teenybopper
6) a nasty, gross, tarty skank said I was ugly last night. I laughed. I laughed even more when my friend (who she was dancing with) said "She's prettier than you. Shut up"
7) if they're well above legal age, how much younger than you is TOO young?
8) I really, really, REALLY want to move into a place of my own, with or without flatmates. It's not that I don't like living with my daddy, the world's BEST cook, but it's so FUN living out of home and I'm 22!! That's MUCH too old to be living with a parent in this city! Although my brother is the coolest thing ever, so living with him is groovy
Hmm. I may go rustle up something to eat - sudden (non-drug-induced) munchies
Night, chickens!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
For. Fuck's. Sake.
Well this has just been the best few days! I’m just having so much fun
After learning that Princess Perfect hates me because, you know, I’m such a SKANK, I’ve now got my closest friend making me feel that way as well
Back story: when we were in Grade 12, the boy Boo fancied had a crush on me. I told him nothing would happen because of her but he basically nagged and nagged at me for a few months till I gave in and we went out for a while. Boo was upset (understandably) but she got over it and I must’ve apologised for the whole thing 5 times. I wouldn’t have let myself be worn down now, but hey, who ISN’T an idiot at 17??
And now (five YEARS later) Boo has this crush, Bumpkin, who is a lovely guy who I really like hanging out with, mostly because he’s so fun, but he’s also just really nice. They work together so they spend a LOT of time together, both at work and socialising afterwards. They’re a little muddled because every so often when Bumpkin’s had a lot to drink, they end up snogging. Anyway, the three of us went for a drive the other night and we were goofing around, playing Hypotheticals (give a scenario, find out what everyone else would do, etc.) which quickly degenerated into sexual hypotheticals, all of us being in our early 20s and one-track-minded
We were having a good old time, shrieking and laughing at our answers, and then we realised how late it was, so I dropped Boo home first, being closer to her house, then Bumpkin. When I let Boo out of the car, she went all funny, giving me a nasty look. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Gee, I wonder" and walked inside. I know, I felt like we were 15 again, for God’s sake
Then she messaged me later and said that she wishes I wasn’t so overly flirty with guys she has feelings for and that she hates being around me and guys. Boo KNOWS that I flirt with everyone, and that I’m touchy feely, and that I’m open, and she KNOWS that it doesn’t mean ANYthing. If I’m ACTUALLY interested in someone, I don’t flirt, I mumble and blush and generally act like a complete tool until they go away. She’s known me for a decade and she’s chosen Bumpkin to get paranoid about
I gave her a wide berth for a couple of days and then went and visited her at work last night (she works nights in a hotel). We were chatting and laughing about whatever, when Bumpkin came into the office, since he’d finished for the night. He started talking to me, asking how I was and the usual questions, and I tried my very hardest to keep my replies unflirty and unbouncy and unlaughy and generally un-me, actually. Which of course made him realise that something was wrong and come and sit with me
At that, I thought I’d better avoid the potential for another fight I didn’t deserve and didn’t understand and said goodbye to everyone and left. I was sitting in my car sending a text message when he came out and asked what was wrong and of COURSE I couldn’t tell him so I came out looking rude and anti-social. And THEN I got a message from Boo about how I’d left in a hurry, and when I said that I was avoiding another argument and that I was also sleepy, I got a reply "good plan on both accounts"
SHE DOESN"T TRUST ME!!! SHE doesn’t trust ME even though since that first great big mistake FIVE YEARS AGO, I’ve not been untrustworthy at ALL! I don’t lie to her, bitch about her, steal her money, FLIRT WITH HER CRUSHES, anything. She’s making me feel like I’m an immoral slut she can’t trust, because SHE’S paranoid. But it’s me who’s feeling horrid
And yet, she found out why Princess Perfect hates me through the SOE, since PP had been bitching about me to him, BECAUSE Boo was bitching about me to the SOE! Which she TOLD me! I’m sorry, I don’t care HOW angry you are with your best friend, you don’t bitch about them to their EX! (sort of ex, anyway) Have it out with them to their face, rant about it on your blog (if you’re a fellow nerd), but DON’T open up that whole can of worms by complaining about them to the ONE person who looks down on them the most! Especially if you KNOW that they look down on you!
But despite all this, Boo came online and started emailing me at work about the fact that it’s snowing outside and blah blah random talk blah. I was less than thrilled with her and didn’t chat like I normally would and then when I said to her that I didn’t feel like talking cos of the way she’s treating me, she let loose with lovely things like
"you were hurting me - because you are suggestive - SOMETHING I don’t care about normally - you act like you do, I don’t care, that’s you, you are touchy feely - but as I said - it hurt me that you did it with him"
"I don’t think you’re untrustworthy - I trust you with everything - but guys I still have residual hang ups on"
"I’m sorry I’ve upset you. Talk to me when you feel you’re less revolting and I’m a better person then"
all of which basically admits that these are HER issues, NOT mine and that she KNOWS I haven’t done anything, so WHY am I being made to feel like a hooker and a really bad friend when I was just being ME withOUT any flirting?? This is a girl I love better than almost anyone in the world, including some of my family. She's my bitch, and I'm hers, so why is she BEING a bitch?
And WHY THE FUCK has this become a Grade 9-style fight when we’re professional people in our 20s, for fuck’s sake??
I am really, really, really tired of this week. Actually, of the last month or so. It’s really getting me down and I’m generally pretty happy to be alive. I’ve lost my appetite, I’m not sleeping properly and half the time I feel like I’m on the verge of tears and I am NOT a crier
So give me SOME feedback. I’m sorry to the boys reading this cos I KNOW it’s high school girl shit, but I don’t have the energy to think up options on my own anymore. Is this all as unreasonable as it feels?
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
A ridiculous little girl
So. I found out today why my sister loathes and despises me. You see, I thought it was because my brother and I had been talking about Her and Her ex-boyfriend. We hadn’t been bitching about Her OR the ex (who I ADORE) but apparently the fact that we had dared speak Her name without salaaming meant that I was to be shunned for all eternity. When I found this out (through the ex, who She had been bitching about me to), I apologised for the unauthorised talking and expected Her to lighten up just a smidge, since that was the reason for The Great Ignore (more especially since she'd not been angry with my brother at ANY stage)
Oh no. I found out today from Boo, who was told by the SOE, who She talks to (inexplicably, since when She and I were speaking, She loathed him), that the REAL reason She hates me, the reason that I deserve to be cast headfirst into the Bog of Eternal Stench is that I’m SUCH a slut, SUCH a total and completely irredeemable whore that I embarrass Her, and the fact that I don’t even care that She is tainted by association by my terribly licentious ways is JUST as bad
This, I would like to point out, is the girl who is planning on studying psychology at uni next year, the girl who thinks that She will be counselling people through their trials and tribulations with calm, non-judgmental advice (also the girl who said that She is happy to help people with their problems, "as long as they aren’t stupid, pathetic ones")
I mean, it’s TOTALLY understandable that my very close-knit family is ashamed of the way that I just REFUSE to make up with my precious sister, my only sister, my perfect, jewel-of-the-family’s-eye sister, is it not? It’s COMPLETELY understandable that I must’ve done SOMETHING just AWFUL to make She Who Has No Faults or Temper angry with me. And the fact that when I speak to Her, She ignores me is JUST and RIGHT because I am a scarlet woman, who must be CAST OUT of the family circle
Cockroaches are cleaner than me. Dog crap is more pure. Ebola is utterly FABULOUS compared to my immorality
I'm not sure I've ever been angrier in my life
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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Oof, my head!
I went out last night with Cecilia and Boo for a bit of a girls' nite (vodka, Red Bull, tequila, boys, dancing) and it turned into such a strange night!
Firstly, we had to line up at Irish Murphy's. A bit of back story for you, Boo and I are friends with most of the bouncers in Hobart, so we rarely line up or pay to get in anywhere (yes, it's convenient AND cheap to be our friend!). We don't abuse it or anything, but that's how it is. At Surreal, we're pretty much permanently on the staff list so we get to walk past the line and go in for free; at Syrup, where all the touring DJs do their thang (very important to pronounce it "thayng", to get the right dorky thing going. Sorry, THANG) and it might cost $40 to get in, again, free and no waiting; at Irish, we don't line up AND we don't have to show ID (I HATE showing ID - I don't LOOK 17 so why do I have to prove that I'm 18??)
So Cec was inside Irish at the bar and Boo and I went outside for a minute to cool down while Ethel the Frog was having a break between sets (oh we danced our little socks off, much funness) and then went to walk back in and the bouncers wouldn't let us in (the bouncer we know and are friends with is in Samoa. Bastard) without lining up. That's not even taking advantage! Even if we DIDN'T know the staff, why should we line up AGAIN when we've been inside for 2 HOURS???
Then we went to Surreal and walked straight through to the girl with the list who informed us that no, sorry, there can only be TWO people let through for free, that's the rule. That's also crap, since we've had FIVE people on the list before! So Cec had to pay to get in (although she has shedloads of money, so she'll be ok)
And THEN, we were dancing our (by now quite tired) socks off even further when some FUCKING MORON threw a glass or a bottle or something into the crowd and it hit me in the head and I was half brained and my LORD it hurt! An enormous bouncer came and half carried me into the staff room (I was kind of woozy and my legs kept giving out) and gave me an ice pack and although I was keen to kick on, Cec and Boo decided that my random wooziness meant we should go home (probably a good plan, actually) so we went outside to get a taxi to Boo's car (yes, we're lazy, the car was about 1km away) and it was POURING. Pouring BUCKETS in fact
AND there was a line 50-odd people long for the taxi rank. So we ended up walking to the car and we. Were. Soaked. I have NEVER been so wet in my life. I don't know how, but even in the SHOWER I'm not as wet as I was last night
It was FUN!!!!! We walked down the road dancing and singing and generally acting like loons (terribly attractive drowned rat loons, of course) and I wouldn't let them in the house till I'd dashed in and grabbed big fluffy towels, but still, FUN!
So explain this to me: we were patronised by the Irish bouncers (Boo was after their BLOOD, they'll be in trouble when we go back next week), vaguely ripped off by the door girl at Surreal, I was beaned in the head with something AND we got drenched in the middle of night in the middle of winter, yet it was still a fun night
How on EARTH is that possible???
Oh. And I have a new crush :)
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
*heaves a great big sigh of relief*
You know what I hate? Being on the out with one of my friends. Especially when that friend is closer to me than my sister (since, you know, my sister hates me and all). Although not closer to me than my mattress. I wouldn't marry my friend, but I'd marry my mattress
But I digress. We had a fight and she didn't understand why I was angry and hurt and I didn't understand why she was doing what was making me angry and hurt, but we yelled and screamed and slung barbs about it all and now we're good
And that's GREAT!
- å - ¯ - å - ¯ - å - ¯ - å -
Dental update: I went to MY dentist today. My dentist who I LURVE. And I DON'T have to have my tooth pulled out! I'm getting some weird anaesthetising filling that should just dull the nerve. Failing that, I may still have to have the root canal work but YAY! I'm not going to look like a nasty bogan with missing teeth!
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