Monday, February 16, 2009
Well here I was, chronically bored at uni. I had exhausted all the usual options - facebook, email, ninemsn news, my bank account (no, it did not manage to multiply overnight) - then I thought 'hmm, I wonder if Cec and Bug, ranting on' is still there . . . AND IT IS! Good ol' yet rather disturbing cyberspace, where things just permanently sit there, tracking you for all time (insert creepy Twilight zone music). I got all nostalgic ('sniff-sniff', 'eyewipe') reading about the preparations for my trip away, having a nose-job, dressing up like a French maid (which I think I've now done three times . . or is it four?). I had to laugh to see we've been flagged as having 'objectionable content'. Yeah well, I suppose that's to be expected with a discourse on cock-rings. Although if the person who objected to cockrings tried one out, especially the his and hers dual pleasure one we'd been discussing, perhaps they wouldn't object any more ;)

Ahh, blogger - how could I forsake you for so long?
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