Monday, February 16, 2009
Well here I was, chronically bored at uni. I had exhausted all the usual options - facebook, email, ninemsn news, my bank account (no, it did not manage to multiply overnight) - then I thought 'hmm, I wonder if Cec and Bug, ranting on' is still there . . . AND IT IS! Good ol' yet rather disturbing cyberspace, where things just permanently sit there, tracking you for all time (insert creepy Twilight zone music). I got all nostalgic ('sniff-sniff', 'eyewipe') reading about the preparations for my trip away, having a nose-job, dressing up like a French maid (which I think I've now done three times . . or is it four?). I had to laugh to see we've been flagged as having 'objectionable content'. Yeah well, I suppose that's to be expected with a discourse on cock-rings. Although if the person who objected to cockrings tried one out, especially the his and hers dual pleasure one we'd been discussing, perhaps they wouldn't object any more ;)

Ahh, blogger - how could I forsake you for so long?
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Thursday, July 26, 2007
I'm baa-aaaaack
Greetings anyone left out there in the blogging world who recalls that yes, this once was an operating, hopefully slightly intestering but at the very least a distraction more interesting than working, blog. I, Cecilia, am returned from the land of leprechauns and cider with blackcurrent syrup, more walls than Berlin ever had that are still being expanded to this very day but with lovely locals, grumpy public transport operators and damn rude sales assistants but fantastic history, lake monsters and steep hills, where the most beautiful people in the world ride bicycles (in suits and/or high heels), arrogant locals and muggings but things you just have to see, best street performers anywhere, where they turn the waterfalls off for the night (no, not really, but some of the girls on my tour believed that when the tour leader told them that) and sheep have bells, gelati is available in the flavours of 'ferrerro rochare' and 'bounty' and you can see an entire city that was preserved under ash for thousands of years, extensive cave systems and the largest percentage of forested land for any country, beautiful clear water that's damn hard to swim in due to awful rocky 'beaches' covered in sea urchins, underground absinthe bars filled with an American college football team, a place of beautiful mountains where I went paragliding (and there was nothing else to do as it was a public holiday), where 'The Hoff' is an icon and parts of the wall still stand, there are shops selling magic mushroom and shops selling pot and my tour of all girls with one boy drank the cruiseboat dry of beer and they had to stop and pick up another barrel, a place with a very troubled history but a beautiful city, somewhere where our tour bus was 'fined' within metres of getting over the border and 'fined' again later on and where there aren't quite as many multicoloured onion-domed churches as travel shows would have you believe, a place that's damn similar in title to the last but a different colour, and somewhere with the best damn potato dish in the Europe.

Good luck to anyone who can actually work out where the hell I've been! I've probably forgotten countries too.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Oooh, diamontes!
So, I was just looking up beauty therapists in Edinburgh as by the time I make it there I'll have been travelling for a month and in urgent need of some tinting/perming/shaping/waxing before I head off on my European tours. This is what I found:

TIFFANY BIKINI WAX This is a whole hollywood wax with diamontes artistically placed for that special date! Prices on quotation from £40

Anyone who isn't familiar with a hollywood wax, just think: Brittany Spears and the whole no-underwear-with-microdress-whilst-drunk-and-getting-out-of-taxi incident. Well, actually I don't know whether she was sporting the hollywood wax, but if you're going to go out without any knickers on in a microdress and get wasted I would assume you would have any hair removed first.

Now, who would like to debate over how these diamontes could be artistically placed? Standard butterflies or flowers? Perhaps a shooting star? A giant arrow? How about his favourite football team? Would you like to have 'Leeds' emblazoned across your, hm, you know, girls?

I bet those beauty therapists who do this artistic placement have some good stories to tell!
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