Tuesday, February 28, 2006
It's aliiiiiiiiiiiive!
The craving deep inside me for soup, that is
For some reason, over the last few weeks, I've NOT been able to stop buying chicken noodle soup, beef noodle soup, minestone soup, three cheese tagliatelle soup, etc. WHY?? Today is the last day of summer (noooooooooo!), maybe my body's preparing for the cold season
The New Guy? Complete malaka. Actually a nice guy, I think, and heaven knows he's cute (and ALWAYS dances when we're out - how many guys do that??) and I fancy him like arse, but he's SO ARROGANT. There's a fine line between confident and cocky (which I REQUIRE in a crush) and completely arrogant. He was the former at first and the latter lately. I'm hoping he comes around and becomes good value again, but for now, I'm busy throwing filthy looks and snide comments when we're together
Ending with this pearl, discovered while reading a SHIT romance novel (no I don't read them normally. I don't know why I was):
her kiss left his brain as scrambled as a fragmented hard drive. He needed time to defrag
That's supposedly roMANtic?????
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Sunday, February 19, 2006
So where is Bug?
Sorry folks, it's Cecilia again. I know that all of the most recent posts have been from boring old me, but if you want some from Bug you will have to harass her for her life update. I think she must be very busy with her job (which she actually enjoys, which is both unbelievable and amazing), her workies, and her highly exciting and varied social life involving boys named for fuzz-less peaches. I've been posting a lot (for me) the past couple of weeks because I haven't been at work and I haven't been going bush due to burned foot injury, meaning I have been highly bored and going to uni EVERY day. Although, I haven't really been doing much at uni. As per usual. So, in an effort to turn my uni life around, I have come in and am typing away diligently at my desk on a Sunday (who cares if I'm blogging - I'm still typing diligently). I'm yet to actually do any uni work, but still, I'm here. Listening to my favourite CD at the moment, 'One Way Ticket To Hell' by The Darkness. They are amazing. Kind of like Kiss and Queen with lots of harmonies. I especially like the song 'Dinner Lady Arms' because not many bands write songs about loving 'dinner lady arms' with the corus going "so put your aaaaaaaarrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms."

Thanks for your views on nose jobs. In order to make a decision I asked myself a simple question: 'do I want to have this nose forever'? And my answer is 'no, definately not.' I'm applying for a top-up scholarship shortly worth another $9,000 each year, so if I get that, plastic surgery here I come.

And I will still make it to America. American summer 2007, whether I have to go alone or not. And I will totally be going to check out Doug's home town (if you don't mind, Doug). It would be rather strange, yet good, I think, to meet someone whose life you know so much about and who knows so much about you, just from reading posts over the internet.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Logical Steps
I spent a couple of hours lying on the trampoline in our backyard on a gloriously hot day (periodically running under the sprinkler) reading the Contiki travel brochure for America and Canada last month. Looking at young adults having terrific amounts of fun in the pictures of this brochure, and reading about all the fun things they were doing while touring around America, and I could potentially do to, made me REALLY REALLY want to go. I voiced my desire to go overseas at work, and another girl (the lovely girl who was raised by her grandparents and treated horribly by that f*** face male from previous posts) told me that she was DESPERATE to go travelling to. She didn't care where, she just wanted to go. I started talking about touring America, and she was very keen. Thought it would be great fun and amazing, like I do. She was keen to go this year, but I said I wasn't sure if I could take time off uni this year, and it may have to be 2007. Coincidently, there was a travel expo about to be on at my work, and pallet loads of travel brochures sitting in our storage area, so I cracked open the box marked 'contiki' and we drooled over some up-to-date brochures of America and Europe.

The more I read these brochures, the more excited I got about visiting America. I even did more in-depth research on the internet (www.contiki.com - I'd like to do a 'Grand Northern', or maybe a 'Grand Southern'). I'm ahead in my uni work (goodness knows how, because I never seem to do any), and I began to think that maybe it was possible after all to head off in June, just five short months away. When I mentioned it to the other girl, she was very non-committal. Which is strange, because while she's terrible at making decisions (like, what to have for lunch can be a big thing) she's usually reliable. Meanwhile, I'm wildly excited about travelling again. It's all I think about. I have an appointment with my uni supervisor later that week, and I plan to ask her if I could take a month 'or so' off around June. My work girls and I are out at dinner, and I turn to the potential travel partner (who was so keen to go this year) and say "Look, did you want to go this year? If you do, I'll ask for some time off this week." "No, not this year," she says. "Maybe next year." So, just those few words had shattered my excitement and my dreams of overseas travel this year. I simply don't want to go alone, even though I'd like to do a tour with other 'like minded' people. I get on a bit of a downer, because there kind of seems like nothing to look forward to this year, just endless uni. Okay, I know that pretty much everyone has a year's worth of drudgery at work to look forward to, but having got so excited over going travelling, not going after all was a hard hit.

So, I began to think about rhinoplasty instead. Yes, I know. Logical step. Can't go travelling (well, can, but has nobody to travel with) so will get a nose job instead. Getting a nose job has always been something I've meant to do, but in the future. But there's nothing stopping me getting one right now. Except what other people would say. I know it would upset my parents hugely, so I think that I'd just go to Melbourne supposedly for an extended shopping trip and come home with a new nose. BUT what if my new nose looked even worse than my current one? What if I hated it? What if it looked obviously fake? And there's always that 'what if I died by some strange surgical complication?'

So, thoughts on nose jobs everyone! To cut or not to cut, please answer my question!
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Workplace Safe
There has been a massive government campaign for the past couple of years on 'Workplace Safe' (which is simply appalling grammer, but I think those bright little thinkers in the government advertising department decided it was more catchy than 'workplace safety', which would in fact make much more sense). Obviously I need to pay more attention, because on Thursday morning at work I moved a massive urn full of boiling hot water, placed it down on the ledge where we usually place them, then moved an empty urn into the now-vacated urn spot, and, oh dear, the massive urn full of boiling water has fallen on the floor, filling my shoes with boiling water and burning the top of my foot quite badly. I have no idea why only one foot was burnt, when both my feet were covered in boiling water and both hurt to an equal degree. All at 7 am in the morning. So, one trip to accident and emergeny later and I'm off work (waitressing, not uni) for 16 days. Which is an absolute bugger, because it's very busy at work at the moment and I had some nice long shifts on Saturday ($24 an hour, at least 12 hours) and PUBLIC HOLIDAY Monday at the Hobart Cup (my work has a VIP tent out at the racecourse - $36 an hour, for at least 10 hours). I still get workers compensation, but it sucks in comparison. OH, and the thoughtful people in OH&S decided that while my medical certificate says 'complete rest' and 'unfit for work until 25th February', I can do a little job for them and produce a booklet on workers compensation and the rehabilitation processes of the company, and go back to the doctor and get my medical certificate changed to 'fit for office work'. AND while I do this little booklet, I do it on those days I was rostered on for an ordinary waitressing shift, on workers compensation pay, which is a fraction of my normal pay.

I know NOTHING about workers compensation policies and rehabilitation practices. Okay, I got a very hasty introduction when I cut my finger badly last year, and refamiliarised myself with the workers compensation forms yesterday for my burn, but not enough to write a booklet on it. And they've given me examples of booklets from other places (like Adelaide uni - because that's relevant to a hotel-casino-function centre-lots of internal office staff place of work).

But WHY would those people up in OH&S decide that me, a lowly food and beverage attendant from functions would be knowledgeble enough to write a booklet on workers comp and rehabilitation? They seemed to assume that because I go to uni and know how to operate a computer I will naturally be able to author a book on company policies of workers compensation and rehabilitation. I have this feeling that whatever I produce won't be what OH&S were after, or just won't be good enough, so all the time I KNOW I'm going to spend researching workers compensation and writing and formatting this darn booklet will just be wasted.

I'm grumpy because I can't go to aqua aerobics and I really enjoy it, and because I can't go to 'fatblasta' (ew, that is such a gross name) ordinary aerobics and blast some fat. I still went to body pump though, and an annoying old man (NOT the instructor) came over to me to correct my technique of squatting in a loud voice in front of the class.

So, I'm just grumpy in general, with a sore foot and with no new books to read. I was planning on stocking up at the library yesterday but it was closed due to a fire, and won't be reopening until Tuesday (which is I suppose lucky, because the whole library could have burnt down). And I've already wasted two hours today working on the stupid, waste of time booklet. Oh yes, I'm in a massive grump.

Oh, and whenever I press the forward-slash key this - buying d hally 300k----ownage--- - happens. My brothers have done something extremely odd to the computer. I know that this buying d hally 300k----ownage--- is some kind of instruction from the online game Runescape that now defines their lives. Must say it gave me a surprise though. buying d hally 300k----ownage--- buying d hally 300k----ownage---
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
On tinia, body pump and The Horny Time.
On Tinia
So, for the first time in my life I have tinia. To all those who aren't familiar with this very common (so the pharmacist assured me), highly contagious and VERY VERY ITCHY disease, it is a charming fungal virus that lingers on hard surfaces, such as pools, jumping on your nice healthy feet as you walk the five paces from the edge of the pool to your thongs (Americans among us, please replace 'thongs' with 'flip-flops'. I had a bit of a freak-out last night - it went like this "Oh my GOD! I have FUNGUS! It's crawling all over my feet, DEVOURING my skin! Ew Fungus EW fungus EW EW Oh my God FUNGUS!!!! (SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH RUB-RUB SCRATCH)

On Body Pump
So, I've conquered my fears of going to gym classes and have, for the past two weeks, been going to body pump. With my mother, who is extremely unfit and has very weak muscles. For anyone who isn't familiar with body pump, it involves doing lots of squats holding a long weighted barbell across your shoulders, then some clean and jerks with squats, and then you drop to the mat and do 'bicep and tricep work' with your barbell. Oh, and throw in quite a few pushups and situps and the worst exercise thing in the world, something-beginning-with-e squats, which is where one leg goes behind the other, like you've just taken a big stride, and you go up and down LOTS. After the first time my thighs were so sore and I was in lots of pain going up and down steps. I had to lean heavily on the railing, going up very slowly holding my knees stiff, and down on my toes, again with stiff knees, to minimise the pain of putting weight on my thighs as you push up steps. As my office at uni is on the fifth floor I have to go up four flights of stairs, so I would linger in the corridor until there was no-one around to watch me doing my strange stairclimbing.

Despite being tired out with shaking legs and arms (and only halfway through the class) I just can't stop smiling. I know, crazy. Not because I'm happy to be there being tortured, but because it's just so damn funny, all these 'reasonable adults', who crowd into a room and squat away to music, pushing themselves to their limits and having 'encouragement' yelled at them by a 'motivating' instructor ("Aaaand SQUEEZE up" You can do it - "SQUEEZE"!!).

I'm a bit embarrassed though. Every other person in the class has a minimum of five kilos on their bars, and most have a minimum of seven or ten. And they're not young people. It's pretty much all women, all over the age of thirty. Most over the age of forty. And for particular tracks the instructor says 'lock and load' and they all load more onto their bar from the pile of weights beside them. And I just stick with my baby weights of two kilos the whole time.

On The Horny Time
So, all of this exercise (I'm going to aqua aerobics twice a week - very fun despite the tinia, body pump once a week, and normal aerobics one a week) is having some side effects. I know exercise is supposed to produce endorphines and make you feel happy, but instead it's released pheromones(I have no idea if that's the right word here) that have me lusting after pretty much every male between the ages of about 18 to 30. And it's not even The Horny Time. Oh God, what will I be like during The Horny Time?? The Horny Time has already had me lusting after Tufty, a young man at the gym, nicknamed 'Tufty' by Bug and I due to the large tufts of underarm hair that protrude out from under his arms in every direction (trust me, he's not the kind of guy you would be lusting after during normal circumstances). To those people (mainly males I would say) who aren't familiar with The Horny Time, there's a certain time during a woman's menstrual (gosh I hate that word) cycle that lasts for a few days when she goes a little, ummm, horny, randy, lustful. It happens to be the most fertile time of the month for a woman, so some inner prehistoric urge is telling us to procreate and go and get some sperm.
So, if I'm already lusting after random not-usually-lustworthy males, what on earth will happen during The Horny Time? I will have to stay inside, away from members of the opposite sex. Or perhaps I'll go bush, and separate myself from society.
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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Oh dear... the shame
Being a Friday night, I went out last night (with one of the workies, who have just become friends now - very cool) and I MAY have had a bit much to drink. I mean, I was definitely drunk but I wasn't pissed, if that makes sense
I met up with the New Guy and we went up to Syrup (the only club in Hobart I'll go to. The rest of them are UNLOVELY) and we were dancing for ages and there was a bit of kissing (quite a bit) and it was all very fun
About 15 minutes before we decided to call it a night, I bought myself a tequila and Red Bull, which I usually get one of if I'm dancing, LOTS of energy! But instead of my normal José Cuervo it was a dark tequila and it tasted foul but I thought I'd drink it anyway because, you know, $8 drink and may as well! But it was gross
The NG said he was headed home and as he was driving (and lives in the same suburb as me), would I like a lift? Of course I said yes (who wants to pay $15 for the 'pleasure' of making uncomfortable small talk with an elderly taxi driver??) and we were walking to his car (hand in hand, nice!) when the disgusting tequila hit my stomach
Now, I drink a lot. I know it's not good and my poor liver and pancreas will probably shut down any day now but my family are all drinkers (none alcoholic though. That I know of) and it's always just been something I've done. And because I drink a lot and often, my tolerance is pretty high. I rarely get hungover and it takes about 20 standard drinks to get me drunk (honestly). But that tequila? On an empty stomach? (I've had 2-3 meals over 4 days. No I don't know why) Blecch
I said to the NG "I think I'm going to be sick", which he thought was funny but he wanted to know if I needed help (what help could he have given me, I'd like to know!) but I said no and went and threw up behind a tree. Charming huh? I mean, at LEAST there was a tree there so I was kind of blocked from view but FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! How enticing must that have been for him?? When I was done, he asked if I was ok (and called me 'babes'. I love affectionate names) and let me into his car and then even stopped at a servo so I could buy some tissues and lemonade but OH MY LORD
I was just mortified. And even more so this morning! I messaged him and told him how sorry I was and thanked him for putting up with me and he replied with "Not a problem. We've all been there. But no more tequila for you" so at least he's not too revolted to talk to me but ack!
It's just not possible for me to be cool though, is it??
(he's tall and dark and has hard thighs [I only know this from dancing with him!] and is Greek and plays tennis and soccer and uses words like 'lethargic' in text messages and is so cute and just... groovy. Just so you know)
And kissing's fun :)
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