Friday, January 26, 2007
Sorry, Cec, sorry!
I will post about our trip to Melbourne, I promise! But I'll have to do it after the long weekend (being Australia Day today) as I started to write the post at work this week but didn't finish AND didn't send it to my home email to finish (stupid cow that I am). Monday, definitely!
Oh! And can I please please please put a picture on? The story would be MUCH better if I could put one of those pictures on!
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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Either the best thing or the stupidest thing I've ever done
Bug must fill you all in. I am beginning to have doubts that it was probably the stupidest thing I've ever done (my smile is definately much worse than before). I am being charged a simply ridiculous amount at an internet cafe for a few measly minutes, and have requested (no, ORDERED) Bug to break her blogging drought and fill you all in on my stupidity. Or my best thing. I really don't know yet!!! Oh dear!!!
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Friday, January 12, 2007
Cock rings and the like
I hope I successfully grabbed your attention with that title. After all, cock rings and the like would be, I believe, of interest to those mere mortals who have either rather mundane or rather more adventurous lives.

I have returned today from three nights away on the gorgeous west coast of Tasmania. I had to go to do some fieldwork for uni, so I decided to make a bit of a holiday of it as I've never been to the west coast of my own state before (which is pretty atrocious as I've been overseas, but not to a major part of the state I've lived in my entire life), and do some suitably touristy things such as cruising down the Gordon River and visiting Sara Island (once the harshest penal settlement in the British empire), and going on the 100 year old steam train through the wilderness. My friend Sammy came with me to be my companion and volunteer field-assistant. Sammy went to uni with me, but did a combined science/law degree, and is now a very well-dressed lawyer. She is very tall, very thin, and I think very attractive, with long smooth hair. And very well spoken of course, seeing as she went to the most exclusive girls school our fair state has to offer. As well as having all of these positive attributes, she also has the gift of being able to chat easily and graciously to pretty much anyone in her very polished voice.

To look and speak to Sammy you would not think she was a regular visitor to the adult products store. Whilst walking along the lovely Strahan waterfront one evening, we were chatting about a mutual friend of ours, and I was telling Sammy how I was planning on throwing the dirtiest hens night possible for our mutual friend, and how I was counting on Sammy herself for assistance in this endeavour. I also told her how our mutual friend had said how sex with her boyfriend is over quite quickly as he's not very controlled. Sammy, as a very liberated woman in charge of her sexual destiny, was APPALLED that our friend had been putting up with this. She launched into relaying to me how she had purchased a cock ring for her own boyfriend, who had been rather surprised at the gift. But it wasn't just a cock ring, it was a cock ring complete with a small vibrator on the top for Sammy's increased enjoyment. She then went on about how enjoyable it was, and how her boyfriend enjoyed wearing it not just for his own benefit, but also because he liked how much enjoyment she got out of it. She then regaled with tales of the women who own the adult shop, how that adult shop was better than the other adult shop in our town, and the best type of vibrator to purchase for our friend as a gift on her hen's night. When we returned to the hotel room she was reading my cosmo or cleo magazine which had a section on aquatic sexual activies (depicting some highly unlikely positions that involved inflatable water doughnuts and lilos), and then was saying in a very serious voice 'Yes, but the problem with aquatic sex is that it washes away all of the natural lubrication. Of course, you could use lube, but that would be difficult to apply in the water and would wash away too . . ' and deciding which positions were possible. When she got to the bit in the article about purchasing a silicon-based lube for such aquatic adventures, she then talked on about how she'd never seen a silicon-based lube before when she'd been shopping in adult stores.

And to be perfectly honest, while I'm glad Sammy feels that she can be so open with me, I felt a little awkward with all this adult-shop talk, due to my lack of adult-shop experience. And I could definately have done without knowing she bought a cock ring with added vibrator for her boyfriend, who at that stage I'd never met, and how he feels when he's using it. When she introduced me to him today I had the wicked thought of asking him how the cock ring was going, but for the sake of peaceful relations and making a favourable first impression I restrained myself. Although I suppose I could have made a memorable first impression at least!

So, for anyone who wants their intimate antics spiced up a little, why not try the cock ring with vibrator for even more join his and her pleasure, as recommended by Sammy!
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