Friday, June 30, 2006
You must all be thinking that we've dropped off the face of the earth . . .
but I can assure you all that I, at least, still firmly have my feet planted in lovely little Hobart. Bug too, so far as I know, given that I got a message from her last night (and I would like to point out, Bug, that you have subjected your sibling to far worse - need I remind you of the time you crawled naked and drunk into a certain bed and proceeded to pass out - and it is about time some revenge occurred). I have been out and about in the wilderness last week, which I was dreading with as much dread as possible, given that it is now the depths of winter here and in the South West of the State it's usually pouring with rain/snowing/sleeting/foggy/blowing with winds that freeze your blood at this time of year, not to mention that the drive there is on very twisty roads covered with black ice. So, I was kind of worried that I would slide off the road down the cliff side and die, not to mention destroying the uni ute.

But I can assure everyone that 1) I did not die; 2) I didn't even crash the ute; 3) leeches did not attach themselves inside my ears (my secret fear) or indeed on any body part, although they did like my waders and equipment; 4) I was not mauled by a ravenous quoll or angry possum, although was growled at VERY threateningly; 5) I did not get frostbite; and 6) IT DIDN'T EVEN RAIN!!!!!!

In fact, I had some of the most amazingly nice winter weather possible. It got to at least 9 degrees during the day, I would say. It was bitterly cold at night (I was wearing a long-sleeved thermal, a flannellette shirt, and two very thick polarfleeces from an outdoors store [plus some long pants, of course!] and sitting three metres from a roaring log fire and still shaking with cold), but the days were so nice.

I have been at home all of this week with a delightful case of pharyngitis. In case you're like me, and have never heard of this disease, it's just like tonsilitis but all over your throat. It has been most painful, and could not have come at a worse time. I am missing out on our 'deadly concoction punch night' tonight with my work girls, which as the name may suggests, is going to involve everyone bringing along an alcoholic ingredient and adding it into a punch bowl. This follows on from our punch night last friday night, which involved a girl Robyn (this girl is a drinker from way back - she lived in a residential college whilst at uni, the breeding ground of hardened drinkers) making some punch which tasted very nice at the time, but which caused us all to hate her enormously the next day (her punch consisted of 'fruity elexier' cask wine and the cheapest sparkling wine available 'passion pop') when we were all working a 5 course dinner for 620 people, fighting not to throw up all over the people's crab cakes and roasted venison (ew at the best of times) and she was laughing it up at a buffet function over the other side of the building for 180 drunken (is there any other type?) footballers.

I also embarked on a little dalliance with a friend of Robyn's from her residential college days, Rob, on last Friday's punch night. I was supposed to see him again this Tuesday but as I was too sick (plus contagious) I had to postpone. We have lots in common, he's quite nice looking, he even has a science degree and was a devoted follower of Buffy and Angel and he seemed to like me a ridiculous amount given that we'd only just met (the words 'you're my dream girl' were used) and I wasn't very nice to him at first but I think he's going to annoy me. Plus I don't like his laugh (I know, I know, I'm too fussy, and very far from perfect myself). But still, if it were not for this pharyngitis I would have been dallying away all week. As it is, I still don't know whether we'll like each other once we're totally sober.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Hmm. Is it working?
Hey there to anyone who still reads this!
I'm playing with our template since our other one carked it some time ago. It's all topsy-turvy at the moment but we'll be the most regular, angelic posters after it's all done. Promise!
Love Bec
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