Wednesday, December 27, 2006
I am a 158 cm eating machine
So, who else has had to surreptitiously release their belt at the dinner table in a futile effort to make their expanding girth more comfortable, as you persevere to eat those last few tantilising mouthfuls of Christmas pudding (which, as you well know, you only get once a year)? Actually, it wasn't even done surreptitiously around our Christmas dinner table. And it hasn't just been on that one day - the entire week-long lead up to Christmas, which began with my birthday, has been a gigantic binge-eating session for me. Which is still continuing today. I have been on, and am still pillaging my way through, a sugar-filled carniverous rampage. I mean, when else but Christmas would I have thick, tender slices of pink pig on toast for breakfast? Followed by leftover succulent turkey, seasoning and roast potato sandwiches for lunch, interspersed with a few rafaellos, ferrerro rochares and belgium seashell chocolates (yay for the practice of giving your primary class teacher, for 27 lucky little souls, my mother, Christmas gifts, usually of the luxury chocolate variety), a standard sized dinner, then followed by my choice of leftover cake - my white chocolate birthday cake, or 'Brethren' chocolate layer cake (my mother had a boy in her class who belongs to the 'Exclusive Brethren' sect - ie no tv or eating with and in front of people not of your sect - who baked her a huge and truly mouth-watering cake) with some home-grown raspberries on the side. Then a nice cup of hot chocolate made with 'luxury' hot chocolate powder, with a few more chocolate seashells for good measure.

And there has been no gym at all for at least two weeks. I mean, could you imagine exercising and shaking around all that food??!!

Oh, and it's not going to end! In fact, it will get worse! I am off to the Falls Festival this Friday for New Years (this will be my first New Years without working in 6 years!) where I will eat absolute rubbish washed down with far too much alcohol!

So may you to be merry, festive and full of good food! Go the Christmas Season!!
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