Tuesday, May 30, 2006
The 'I' Tag
I am a twenty-three year old female Australian PhD student/waitress.
I want my dog to be alive again. However, that isn't going to happen (unless I find a witch who can really resurrect the dead the way Willow resurrected Buffy on the tv show Buffy), so I'll settle for being able to fit into my old clothes again. Oh, and to have as my boyfriend that nice tall science man I met last Friday night and was too drunk to remember his name or what we talked about.
I wish I had talked to the nice tall science man for longer and not been dragged away from him by a well-meaning co-worker who was trying to set me up with his 19 year old friend.
I love chocolate and BBQ samboy chips. And wasting time here at uni when I should be working.
I fear my grandparents dying. It's going to happen one day, if not this year than sometime in the not-to-distant future and I hate to see them getting older, more wrinkly and more feeble.
I hear the hum of the computer and silence from my office-mates corner (yay!) as she just gathered up her keys and left the room.
I wonder what's going to happen in my life once I leave uni finally.
I regret - see 'I wish' about the nice tall science man.
I dance when drunk and shoulder dance in the car all the time. I also wish I could just break out and dance sometimes at work when there's a good band playing at our dinner functions.
I cry all the time during sad tv shows. I am unable to watch anything to do with animals such as 'Animal Hospital' because I just cry too much. My last major cry was during the episode of 'Prison Break' when I seriously thought Lincon was going to be executed (luckily he was saved with 30 seconds to spare at the beginning of the next episode, but I thought he was definately dead for a whole week).
I confuse myself all the time. Especially when I'm trying to make the computer do something like statistical analysis. Or when Endnote just WON'T do what I need it to do!
I tag Bug! Bug, here's a nice easy way to ease yourself back into posting!
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Friday, May 26, 2006
Jog Jog Jog
Jogging has really taken off as a form of exercise in this fair city. There have always been a lot of joggers in the suburb that the uni is in, probably because it's a nice place to jog along as you can jog from the beach down the main road, which is beside the waters edge. Very pleasant. And there are a lot of health-conscious (more likely figure-conscious) students living in the area. But now jogging has taken off in suburbs all over the city. At all times of the day, as well, not just in the early morning. For example, as I drove along one road on my way to uni today at midday (yes, I know, midday is NOT the time I should be starting my working day. But I have come to realise that I can do a hell of a lot more in four hours at uni when I am not falling asleep whilst reading/thinking up things to write/attempting difficult plant identifications over a microscope and it is therefore better for me to sleep in than attempt a whole day at uni whilst fighting to keep my eyes open) there were three women out jogging. Yes, three! In just one street! And not one had a dog. Jogging with a dog is much more justifiable.

I have tried jogging with our dog. This is somewhat of a problem as our dog does not like leaving our nice safe house. My dad can get her to walk with him, but she now won't walk with me at all in one direction. I think this is because for three nights in a row I walked her down our street then up a very steep hill. On the fourth night she just sat down and refused point blank to turn down our street. She's more than happy to turn up our street, which is flat and runs out of street and turns into scary bushland near where a woman walking her dog was murdered. Obviously she doesn't know about the woman being murdered, or else she'd prefer to walk up the hill. I ended up carrying the dog all the way to the top of the hill, then she was happy to walk all the way home again.

So, back to my jogging with the dog attempt. At Easter, during which I was consuming vast amounts of nutella and the gym was closed, I decided to go jogging. With the dog. So, I don my trackpants with pink stripe, borrow my brother's ipod, and harness up the dog. Said dog is more than happy to go for a walk. Acts very excited, in fact. This all changed once we got to the end of the driveway. I start to jog down the end of our section of the street, and go to cross the road. She sits down. I pick her up and carry her for a few metres, then put her down. She turns firmly in the direction of our house. I try carrying her down a different street, instead of continuing down our street. No luck. She is on to my crafty tricks and turns back for home. I finally get her to walk up a street behind our house. I start to jog. She stops firmly and runs between my legs, nearly causing me to perform a fatal somersault. There is a girl on the phone in the front window of the house we are passing, and she's scared. I have to carry her past that house. This pattern continues as my dog is scared of pretty much everything. Loud cars, loud tvs in houses, little boys playing cricket, other dogs behind their fences and, my all-time favourite, a tasteless garden statue of a brown deer. And when she isn't stopping and running between my legs, she's trying to turn for home.

So, I didn't actually get much jogging done. And I have not attempted to go jogging since. I'd feel a bit stupid if I was out jogging purely for my own fitness/bum shape, whereas if I'm out with a dog I can be out jogging purely for my own dog's wellbeing.

Oh, our dog is from the dog's home where she was seized as a puppy from a house where she was being mistreated. She has a cigarette burn on her tummy and a scar across her nose from her puppy days. So it's not her fault she's a gigantic scardy-cat. Actually, our cat is an intrepid adventurer, who I wish would be a bit more scared of cars and the road and the big dog next door.

Maybe I can get Bug to come jogging. That could be fun. Bug, how would you like to jog up those stairs behind uni?
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Points from my day-trip to 'The Mainland'.
1) My taxi was following a woman who was READING THE PAPER whilst driving in peak-hour traffic through the city of Melbourne. Obviously it just isn't enough to have a mobile phone clamped to your ear like the majority of other drivers, she had to take it a step further by having the daily newspaper open across her steering wheel. I hope she was reading her stars "You will be involved in a serious car accident, if not today then soon."

2) I brought Bug a very interesting birthday gift (it's tomorrow, folks, remember!). Sorry Bug it is not an argyle vest featuring red. It is however utterly impractical and a very unique gift. I can safely say that you do not have one of these.

3) The airline I flew with has implemented a new self check-in policy at the airport. I like it. You type in your flight booking number, and then it tells you where you are sitting. If you don't like this than you can look at where there are free seats on the plane and change. I managed to get a row to myself on the way back home.

4) I was highly disturbed on the flight home (and not by the spookily similar air hostesses, either). In the row opposite me there was a woman breastfeeding. Not a big issue, but the child was WALKING AND TALKING! It could hold a reasonable conversation in baby-voice. I judged it to be about two. It was also being fed dry rice cake and apple. If your child can eat an uncooked apple, than it's generally time to wean it off the breast, I would imagine. There was something most unnerving about watching a child slide off its seat, perch kneeling on its mother's lap, lift up the mother's tee shirt then clamp a little hand either side of the breast, like a little child supports a bottle and latch on sucking. I felt like some kind of pervert as I snuck looks over - "Oh my God, she IS breastfeeding. Yes, the child is kneeling, yes, look, it's stopping to talk to her."
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Busy, but not a lot happening really.
Hello folks! Sorry for the lack of life updates on this site, but really, what's the point of updating if not a lot has been happening? Actually, I have been really busy but not with interesting things. Just a lot of waitressing work, and uni stuff, oh, and now I have school sores all over my face so I'm not going anywhere. I am seriously annoyed about the school sores. If you are not familiar with school sores, they commonly afflict dirty little school children who spread them about as they're highly contagious (hence the name) and they look like large red lumps, then get a large yellow top like a blister, except instead of being filled with fluid (like a blister) or pus (like pimples) the yellow stuff is solid. Then it forms a nice, yellowish crusty scab. I caught them from my friend's daughter, who I saw ONCE, as they were first coming out and her mum didn't know what they were, and who kissed me on the cheek (she usually kisses on the lips which I do NOT like unless you are related to the child, like, mother/daughter, but she had a cold so went for the cheek). Nine days later my first school sore surfaces. Her mother, who has been sharing the same towels, pillows and being showered in little girl kisses and hugs, has NOT contracted the embarrassingly horrid-looking sores. I had booked in for a nice waxing appointment on Friday (bikini, eyebrow and lip) which I had to cancel because they didn't want to touch highly contagious me. They wouldn't even do my bikini line and that's nowhere near my face! I have been dying to get my eyebrows shaped and waxed, but I was waiting until Friday so they'd look nice for Monday, when I'm going to Melbourne for the day to have my first appointment with the plastic surgery clinic. I wanted to look nice and sophisticated and like I am wealthy and pop in and out plastic surgery clinics all the time, and I have a fashionable yet suitably grown-up outfit all picked out. Unfortuntely, instead now I will have massive eyebrows (my beauty therapist has banned me from waxing or plucking them myself as she is trying to get them into a perfect shape, and as she is an absolute genius at eyebrows I will abide by her ban) and multiple large scabs around my face.
Oh well, maybe it will just reinforce to the plastic surgery people what a desperate case I am!
Of course, in the scheme of life, I am remarkably well off, and I really shouldn't complain about a few yellow scabs.

It is fast approaching Bug's 23rd birthday. It's on 10th May, so this Wednesday. Please, everyone, join with me in wishing her a happy year! We are planning on getting well drunk next Saturday night and having a bit of a dance, and I'm planning on vomiting on that weak pathetic fruit boy (who stars in a video with Bug and has been ignoring her in person yet emailing her) for being so pathetic and not standing up to his drop-kick friends. And if they want to be that damn traditionally Greek, go back to bloody Greece. We're a lot more liberal in Australia, and can quite frankly do without their outdated views on women. Hmm, that sounded quite intellectual. I might rant that at fruit boy and his friends before I vomit on him.

As Monkey has never heard of school sores (actually known as impetigo) I thought I'd include a disgusting picture (trust me, this is a good case. If you do a google image search for impetigo there are such disgusting pictures. Some of it covering entire faces and limbs) and some little facts about impetigo just for Monkey. I only had four little impetigos around my face, and one larger one, about the size of a pound coin. But you can now see why I was hugely annoyed about getting this disease, can't you?

"Impetigo, a contagious skin infection that usually produces blisters or sores on the face and hands, is one of the most common skin infections among kids. When impetigo is caused by group A streptococcus, it begins as tiny blisters. These blisters eventually burst and leave small wet patches of red skin that may weep fluid. Gradually, a tan or yellowish-brown crust covers the affected area, making it look like it has been coated with honey or brown sugar."

"Impetigo is contagious and can spread to anyone who comes into contact with infected skin or other items, such as clothing, towels, and bed linens, that have been touched by infected skin." - SUCH AS PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN KISSED ON THE CHECK BY OVER-AFFECTIONATE FRIEND'S DAUGHTERS!

From: http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/impetigo.html
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